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Santa Rosa, CA

Cannabis Infused Gummies For Adults

Valhalla artisan gummies are creatively inspired and scientifically perfected.   We offer precise dosing every time for safe consistent medicine.  Kosher & organic ingredients, gluten free, low calorie, and eco-friendly practices are just some of the steps we've taken to ensure what you're putting into your body is not only the most delicious, but of the highest quality available.  


Still not convinced Valhalla gummies are the best ever made?  Don't take our word for it.

What the critics are saying:

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What patients are saying:

"I've tried everything out there for migraines.  Nothing has worked.  Who would have guessed your gummies would be such a game changer.  Thank you so much Valhalla!!"  - Sara, San Francisco, CA

"Best night's sleep ever!!!"  - Ben, Las Vegas, NV

"You CBD gummies work so well for my arthritis.  THANK YOU!!"  - Sharon, Santa Rosa, CA

"As a lifelong insomniac, your gummies have had an amazing impact in my life.  I can sleep!!!"  - Melissa, San Rafael, CA

"I love your CBD gummies.  I'm a better parent" - Mark, San Anselmo, CA